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A Couple Programming Notes...

Apologies for interrupting the Gonzaga content but I just wanted to write a quick post about a few things to be aware of as the regular season approaches (at a glacial pace!).  

We've obviously had a lot of new users join the site and we still have a ton of lurkers coming here and checking out the content which is great but we'd love you to JOIN and start commenting!  It's very very easy (click for proof).

Now that you've hopefully joined, we do a few things here at SSF that will hopefully continue to increase fan interaction and make this a top notch community of Gonzaga fans.  We have some absolutely fantastic technology here at SB Nation which makes discussion easy.  You've probably noticed that commenting is very easy and that the comments update automatically without needing to be refreshed.  This is big because we plan on doing a lot of open threads where we'll be encouraging solid, thoughtful discussion.  For example:

Open Threads:  This is something we've done here and there, I actually think we did one over the summer, but it is just a thread with a few questions where you can drop by, leave your thoughts and we can discuss the state of Gonzaga or an upcoming game.  For example: this Thursday, November 12th, we'll be having an open thread dedicated to the Mississippi Valley State game where we will just discuss keys to the game and certain things to watch for.  EDZ and I will be in and out all day and we'd love to see as many of you stop by as possible.  I think most of you have noticed that the site has really begun to pick up in terms of comments/fan posts/ etc as the season approaches and that is awesome and we want to keep growing larger and larger.  

please keep reading after the jump for a few more announcements...

Live Game Threads:  This is the big thing for SB Nation and we love doing it also.  Live Game Threads are exactly how they sound.  We'll be here during every game chatting and we hope to get some of you, our community members here with us to talk about the game as it happens.  We expect the Michigan State game, a week from today, to be a solid turnout because it is a road game and we hope to have a solid turnout game in, game out.  Like I said, the comments live update so it is like a chat room (without the creepiness).  If you want a few examples, look no further than Blazersedge, easily one of, if not the, most trafficked blogs in the network.  Here are some game thread examples herehere, and here.  Obviously you can see that their game threads are pretty amazing because all the content probably slowed down your computer!  It's a great way to react to the game, bounce your ideas off other people rather than just screaming at your TV, and just have a good time while watching the Zags hopefully head to victory.

Community Guidelines:  I encourage everyone that is signed up for the site to read the newly updated COMMUNITY GUIDELINES (link).  With the new season coming up, we want to keep it as classy as ever here at SSF and this is basically what we are looking for.  It's pretty self-explanatory and I'm sure we'll have no issues but it is a necessary thing!  If you ever need the read the guidelines, they'll always on the left sidebar under "Community Pages".

That's all the announcements I have for ya'll before the Saturday game.  I look forward to hearing many of your thoughts come Saturday, and hopefully before.  Back to Gonzaga talk!