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Updated Kraziness in the Kennel Links: Share your thoughts!

Gonzaga fans got their first shot to check out the new look team this evening as the Bulldogs hosted their annual "Kraziness in the Kennel".  EDZ and I were unable to attend for the first time in a number of years but there has already been a bunch of videos and articles written about the event so just figured that we would compile them all here for you so you don't have to go searching around too much. 

From what we've heard the youngsters dazzled all night.  Manny Arop and Elias Harris scored in double figures, GJ Vilarino looked like, dare I say, a speedier version of Meech, and Kelly and Sam are coming along.  Bol Kong was in street clothes as a result of a little ankle injury he sustained in practice.  This year's event was not like last year's with all of the hoopla surrounding it.  The lack of ESPN involvement probably had a lot to do with it as did Jeremy Pargo's graduation who was kind of the ring leader when it came to past versions of Kraziness.  Anyways, here's a collection of tidbits from the event.  We'll continue updating the list as things come our way. 

List updated Sunday afternoon at 12:15: | Blogs | SportsLink | Post Kraziness
Jim Meehan had a nice writeup on the last night scrimmage with some good insight and nice quotes from Mark Few and the squad.

Featured Video | News On Demand | | News for Spokane, Washington
About a minute and a half of extended highlights from last night's scrimmage. Some great glimpses of Elias Harris, Manny Arop, and GJ Vilarino. Nice Slideshow of all the new Gonzaga faces
See if you can match all the names with the faces!

Featured Video | News On Demand | | News for Spokane, Washington
Mark Few discusses the good and the bad about tonight's scrimmage.

Featured Video | News On Demand | | News for Spokane, Washington
Matt Bouldin talks about his new role as team leader, how the freshman are coming along, and his expectations.

Featured Video | News On Demand | | News for Spokane, Washington
Steven Gray talks about the young team and his new look.

Featured Video | News On Demand | | News for Spokane, Washington
Elias Harris gives a great interview. Talks about his first experience in the Kennel, how he is getting used to American basketball, and what he expects this season.

YouTube - GU's Kraziness in the Kennel introduces this team
GU's Kraziness in the Kennel introduces this team. Video gives a good feel for the environment tonight and a look at a very, very new team to most Gonzaga fans.

Bulldogs Make Public Debut At Kraziness In The Kennel - GONZAGA OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Article about the scrimmage written like it was a real game complete with a PDF boxscore.

I'd recommend checking in with throughout the weekend as they seem to have the stranglehold on this video interviews which are always fun.  We'll continue updating this post as things come across the wire but please please please feel free to share your thoughts with us and what you took away from Kraziness.

The wild ride of 2009-10 has begun!