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Gonzaga Athletic Director Mike Roth Responds to Washington

You don't see a whole lot of press releases come out of Gonzaga regarding deals that haven't been done but I'm glad Mike Roth decided to address this odd situation.  Here is what Roth had to say in tonight's press release:

"In light of the recent reports out of Seattle Wednesday regarding renewing the Gonzaga-Washington men’s basketball rivalry, I did receive a proposal late Tuesday from Washington.

"I have always been of the opinion this is a good game for both schools, a good game for the state of Washington and a good game for basketball in the Pacific Northwest.

"At the same time, it is a series that should be equitable for both schools. I have always believed it is a game best played on the two campuses because of the great college basketball atmosphere in both campus venues.

"The renewal of this series is something that will be decided by the two athletic directors and the two head basketball coaches in private discussions."

In case you haven't been around all day, it was leaked by some mysterious man named "Softy" on a Seattle radio station that Washington proposed a new series to Gonzaga.  I mean, now that Josh Heytvelt is gone, Romar was able to get over the fact that he illegally recruited him so now he can play the Zags.  Washington confirmed Mr. Softy's rumors for some reason before any deal was made, stating that the proposal was for three years.  Sounds good so far but then they added the fact that all the games would be played in Seattle at Key Arena.  The tickets and revenues from them would be split but Gonzaga would have to make the trip all three years and play in Seattle's backyard.

I've already given my thoughts in the post below and I think Mike Roth's commitment to keeping this series as a home-and-home is spot on.  Gonzaga has really become a program that doesn't have to pander to BCS programs.  Michigan State and Wake Forest will both be coming to Spokane in the next two years and Oklahoma, Memphis, Stanford, and Washington State have all played in the city.  We hope these two programs can work something out because, as Roth says, it is great for the Pac-Northwest.

C'mon over Washington.