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Surfing the Net: Getting You Ready for the Tennessee Volunteers

I almost got emotional looking back at the Gonzaga and Tennessee match up way Du_tennessee_logo_medium
back in November.  Our old blog, The Kennel Report, had plenty of coverage on the Old Spice Classic.  Those were the days.  The Zags were ranked high, everyone was full of praise and there was no doubt about who the best team in the West was.  As we sit right now, you could make an argument that Gonzaga isn't even the best team in their own, mid-major, conference.  The Zags now have about four games to prove themselves and this is one of them.  

We'll have a preview up later but here are some resources for you to read up on Bruce Pearl's squad...

  • Everything from the old site about the Volunteers of Tennessee.  God those were better times...   
  • Rocky Top Talk.  An SB Nation blog dedicated to the Volunteers.  This is probably one of the best blogs on the network so be sure to check it out.  The Vols are not all that different from Gonzaga; both are quickly falling out of public favor.
  • The BruceBall Blog.  Another very insightful Tennessee blog.  For all you Gonzaga fans, make sure to make your opinion heard on the poll over there.
  • GoVolsXtra.  Another fan site with blogs and tons of coverage on Volunteer basketball.  Interesting that they are having the same 'toughness' question that we are.  Looks like this game could be filled with three-pointers.  Ugh.
  • Official Tennessee Basketball Website.  Updated news, stats, etc from the horse's mouth.
  • Tennessee's page.  I know, it's not the most official resource in the world but it's always fun getting a taste of what people think.