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Bracketology 2.0: Well Hello, UW

Wouldn't this match up just make your day?

In our second installment of Slipper Still Fits' Bracketology, we put the Gonzaga Bulldogs as the four seed in the Portland region.  One of our largest movers, the Washington Huskies finds itself as the five seed in the same region.  I think that the tickets for that game would sell out within five minutes.  But in all honesty, as we sit right now, this is a very realistic scenario because the Huskies are leading the Pac-10 and the Zags are playing some great basketball.

In this week:  Portland State, Mississippi State, Penn State, LSU, Texas A&M-CC, Vermont, Holy Cross, Bethune-Cookman, Northern Iowa, Buffalo

Out this week:  Arkansas, Notre Dame, Albany, Weber State, American, Hampton, Stephen F. Austin, Miami (OH), Stanford, Wisconsin

Here is the link to our first version of bracketology...

The play in game will be Alabama St. v. Bethune-Cookman





Boston, MA Memphis, TN Indianapolis, IN Glendale, AZ
Philadelphia Dayton Greensboro Greensboro
1 Pittsburgh 1 Oklahoma 1 Duke 1 Connecticut
16 Austin Peay 16 Holy Cross 16 Play-In Game 16 Robert Morris
8 Tennessee 8 Virginia Tech 8 St. Mary's 8 Ohio State
9 Davidson 9 Villanova 9 Baylor 9 Florida State
Portland Boise Boise Portland
5 Purdue 5 Clemson 5 Butler 5 Washington
12 USC 12 Miss. State 12 BYU 12 VCU
4 Syracuse 4 Memphis 4 Illinois 4 Gonzaga
13 Portland State 13 George Mason 13 Western Kentucky 13 Northern Iowa
Minneapolis Kansas City Miami Miami
6 West Virginia 6 Minnesota 6 UCLA 6 Kentucky
11 Penn State 11 UNLV 11 Siena 11 LSU
3 Xavier 3 Arizona State 3 Michigan State 3 Texas
14 Long Beach State 14 Buffalo 14 Texas A&M-CC 14 VMI
Minneapolis Philadelphia Dayton Kansas City
7 California 7 Florida 7 Kansas 7 Georgetown
10 Missouri 10 Dayton 10 Miami (Fl) 10 Utah State
2 North Carolina 2 Wake Forest 2 Louisville 2 Marquette
15 Cornell 15 Vermont 15 North Dakota St. 15 E. Tennessee St.