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Week 11 Rankings at a Glance...

Gonzaga's Week 11 Rankings from Around the Nation 
Source   Ranking   Notes...  Movement
AP 20 Receiving 381 votes, SMC finally ranked  +3
Coaches Poll   25 SMC enters top 20 at 18th +3
KenPom   4 ags drop two spots, still very high -2
RPI   51 Let the freefall continue. No hope here -16
Lunardi   5 Seed No change here and SMC is still a 10  -
RTC Bracket 7 Seed Very low seed, probably wind up as a 5 -

Here's a look at Joe Lunardi's bracket this week...


Anything in Boise or Portland in the first round is a perfect situation for Gonzaga.  At this point in time I don't really think it matters if we are a four or a five seed.  No offense to the Wolverines or Wildcats but I think this would be a relatively easy road for Gonzaga to travel.  Kentucky fans travel well but it would be a very pro-Gonzaga atmosphere in Boise.  The only sad thing about this bracket is that we have two extremely difficult top seeds in Pittsburgh and North Carolina.  That potential match up with Pitt would be fun though...

The RPI continues to free fall.  It would have been nice if Oklahoma State could have knocked off Oklahoma tonight but maybe games against St. Mary's, San Diego, and Memphis will help.  The KenPom rankings went a bit against Gonzaga this week but sitting at fourth behind Pitt, Duke, and North Carolina is nothing to get upset about. 

It's time for Gonzaga to put up and shut up.  They haven't really played anyone since January 7th against Tennessee so the games against St. Mary's and Memphis will be extremely important if they want to see their rankings and seeds continue to rise.