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And So It Begins...


students pack the old kennel for tickets to the SMC and USD games

After Gonzaga's restful and relaxing vacation in California, the team returns home this week to play two enormous games against St. Mary's on Thursday and San Diego on Saturday.  There is no doubt that  St. Mary's is the main event but USD sits in a nice position because they could easily take advantage of any sort of Gonzaga hangover from the SMC game. 

The Kennel will be rocking as students were up extremely early this morning to get tickets.  There have already been a number of tents set up by students hoping to get a good seat.  I really hope they allow space heaters for these kids this year because the low tempature in Spokane the next two days is 12 and 14 degrees.  It really warms up Tuesday with a piping hot 27 degree low. 

St. Mary's has become Gonzaga's biggest rival in the conference and there is no doubt that these two teams are not the best of friends.  We're going to have plenty of coverage of the game throughout the week.  It's time to make sure St. Mary's knows that they are second place in this conference.