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Week 10 Rankings at a Glance

Gonzaga's Week 10 Rankings from Around the Nation
Source  Ranking  Notes... Movement
23 Receiving 201 votes +3
Coaches Poll  28 SMC still rising at 22 +2
KenPom  2 Efficiency-based, Best Zags ranking +4
RPI  35 Zags drop hard here.  Thanks WCC -18
Lunardi  5 Seed  No change here and SMC is still a 10 -
SSF Bracket 5 Seed  Zags probably wind up 4-5 range -

My love for the KenPom ranking continues to grow this week as they have Gonzaga up to #2.  Duke tops the list in this ranking service and their are a number of odd rankings throughout the list, starting with Gonzaga.  A decent Missouri squad checks in at eight in the nation in the KenPom and a very solid Syracuse team is 30th.  Memphis is pretty high at tenth and Michigan State and Texas are low at 20th and 27th, respectively.  The KenPom is a very odd ranking and is very difficult to understand but it has become a very widely respected one at that. 

Overall, it was a pretty good week in the rankings for Gonzaga.  Obviously the RPI is going to continue to plummet as the Zags continue to play the lowly West Coast Conference.  Get this, in the RPI, Pepperdine and LMU are both ranked in the 300s.  Santa Clara is 216 and USF is around the 140 range.  St. Mary's is at a nice 51 but Portland and San Diego are both in the 100s.  This conference was not built for the RPI so I am keeping my fingers crosses that the KenPom becomes the more en vogue rankings format. 

There's not much change in Lunardi's bracket as he kept Gonzaga at the five spot which is basically where I expect them to wind up.  If they run the table and dominate the WCC tournament they could rise up higher than that but for now...the five spot is well deserved.