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Weird Science: Bracketology Version 1.0

Thanks to the nice holiday which left us with nothing to do all day, we decided to see if we could project the brackets better than the experts.  We will try and keep it updated every week along with our WCC power rankings, roundups, etc..

We have assembled what we think are the 65 best teams in the nation at this point in time.  Sadly for Gonzaga fans, two bubble teams which beat Gonzaga did not make our list.  Arizona and Utah, at this point, are on the outside looking in.  Portland State also does not project into the field at this point.  Obviously, plenty of things can change between now and March so this is, by no means, final. 

We know we've got plenty of lurkers so let us know what you think, and argue if you must!

The play-in game will feature Hampton v. Alabama St.





Boston, MA Memphis, TN Indianapolis, IN Glendale, AZ
Kansas City Greensboro Greensboro Dayton
1 Pittsburgh 1 Wake Forest 1 Duke 1 Connecticut
16 Austin Peay 16 American 16 Play-In Game 16 Robert Morris
8 Kansas 8 Michigan 8 Baylor 8 Kentucky
9 St. Mary's 9 Florida State 9 West Virginia 9 Wisconsin
Portland Boise Minneapolis Portland
5 Minnesota 5 California 5 Gonzaga 5 Ohio State
12 USC 12 Missouri 12 BYU 12 Stanford
4 Georgetown 4 Notre Dame 4 Xavier 4 Arizona St.
13 Weber State 13 George Mason 13 Western Kentucky 13 Siena
Miami Minneapolis Boise Miami
6 Butler 6 Illinois 6 UCLA 6 Purdue
11 Texas A&M 11 Washington 11 Dayton 11 Virginia Tech
3 Marquette 3 Clemson 3 Syracuse 3 Texas
14 Long Beach State 14 Miami (OH) 14 Stephen F. Austin 14 VMI
Kansas City Dayton Philadelphia Philadelphia
7 Tennessee 7 Memphis 7 Miami (Fl) 7 Florida
10 Davidson  10 Arkansas 10 Villanova 10 Utah State
2 North Carolina 2 Michigan State 2 Louisville 2 Oklahoma
15 Cornell 15 Albany 15 North Dakota St. 15 E. Tennessee St.