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Week Seven BlogPoll

Well, the Zags are loved in this poll.  The Slipper Still Fits is a member of a nationwide blogpoll with some of the best bloggers.  These great basketball minds tab Gonzaga at 21.  We weren't so friendly to our squad but did put them in the top 25 at 24th.  Here is a link to all the blogs and how they ranked the top 25 this week.

Just as a side note, these rankings were taken at the start of the week and have not factored in the action that has taken place this week.

Rank BlogPoll Rank TSSF Rank
1 Pittsburgh (9) Pittsburgh
2 Wake Forest (2) Wake Forest
3 Duke (1) Duke
4 Connecticut Connecticut
5 North Carolina Oklahoma
6 Oklahoma North Carolina
7 Michigan State Syracuse
8 Clemson Michigan State
10 Syracuse Notre Dame
11 Georgetown Clemson
12 Texas Texas
13 Marquette Georgetown
14 Notre Dame Marquette
15 Arizona State Arizona State
16 Xavier Xavier
17 Butler Minnesota
18 Minnesota Butler
19 Purdue Louisville
20 Louisville Baylor
21 Gonzaga Cal
22 Cal Purdue
23 Baylor Villanova
24 Illinois Gonzaga
25 Villanova St. Mary's