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Rankings at a Glance

Gonzaga's Week 9 Rankings from Around the Nation
Source Ranking Notes...
AP 26 Receiving 137 votes
Coaches Poll 30 SMC is 25th, Zags behind Memphis
KenPom 6 Based on efficiency, very informative
RPI 17 Based on schedule strength
Lunardi 5 Seed SMC is a 10.  Very generous ranking.
RTC 7 Seed Rush the Court's bracket, great source
TSSF BlogPoll 23 Our weekly blogpoll.  More tomorrow.

Here is a brief overview of this week's rankings for your Gonzaga Bulldogs.  Obviously, I think that the KenPom rankings are outstanding and after some awful losses to Portland State and Utah, you can't be too displeased with these rankings.  Lunardi, who is the resident genius on everything related to the NCAA tournament still has the Zags as a five seed and you have to think this team can still improve on that.  With two games against St. Mary's and a game against Memphis, Gonzaga will have a few more chances to impress the nation.

At the bottom is The Slipper Still Fits blogpoll.  We are participating in a nationwide blogpoll with some of the best bloggers in the nation.  Last week, despite the tough losses, the bloggers still had the Zags at 24th in the nation.  After two nice wins, Gonzaga should be coming in even higher this week.  We will have more for you when that gets finalized tomorrow. 

This should serve as a good, concise way to look at the rankings and we will keep this going every week.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this week's rankings and provide any other sources you can find.  It's always fun to see what the nation thinks...