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Holy Snow! Texas Southern at Gonzaga Open Thread!


Date: December 18 , 2008
Time: 6:00 PM PST
Radio: 1510 KGA


No. 8 (AP)
No. 7 (USA Today)
NR (USA Today)

Cheers to Texas Southern for making it in to Spokane tonight. Every snow state record has been crushed by the snow totals the past two days. At my humble abode we probably have around 2 feet to be modest.

Forcusing on the game now, it got a little bit more interesting after Texas Southern kept it close with Texas the other night. The best thing about this game is that it means that our beloved Bulldogs will be returning back to the McCarthey Athletic Center after a month long road trip that took them from Orlando to Indiana to Pullman and then down to Arizona. The trip wore the Zags down and we saw the ill-effects in the loss to Arizona. The pleasure cruise ends soon though as the Zags take on Connecticut in Seattle on Saturday.

As for tonight's game against Texas Southern, Gonzaga should be able to establish their dominance early and often against the winless Tigers. Here are a few things to watch out for

  • Enthusiasm: Gonzaga looked completely worn out against Arizona and lacked any sort of excitement. They were able to get a few punches in on the Wildcats but did not have the stamina to pull out the victory.
  • Respect Your Elders: Hopefully the veteran members of the Gonzaga Bulldogs show well tonight. Jeremy Pargo and Josh Heytvelt had subpar games against Arizona and have to get back to 100% before taking on UConn. This game should help them build up some confidence.
  • Leave No Doubt: I've been watching some games recently and have seen a ton of really good teams let inferior competition hang around the entire game. I'd love Gonzaga to put in on Texas Southern early and often. It looks like Will Foster is headed for a redshirt year so don't expect to see him but I'd love to see Andrew Sorenson in the game early in the second half...maybe even the first half!

We'll be headed at the game so we urge you all to stop by and drop in a few comments! Go ZAGS!