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Fact: Gonzaga is Relying on the Three Point Shot

In my lame attempt to actually study for finals, I came across these very interesting graphs which track some trends in Gonzaga's three point shooting over the past decade or so. 

They are quite stunning.

There's no doubt that this team is the most talented and mult-dimensional that Mark Few has ever had but they are relying on (and missing the three pointer) at tremendous rates.



So we aren't shooting the three point that well...okay I can deal with that, this team should be able to excel in other ways.  However, that has not detered them from shooting the three.  In fact, no team under Mark Few has every shot more three-pointers per game thus far.



Just wanted to point this little factoid out.  If this team continues to shoot the three point shot at the rate they are, there is no chance they will succeed.