OKST - 5 Minute Analysis

Quick Analysis before Peter goes through and shows everyone how it's done.

The cowboys are not deep. They play 6/7 guys at most.

Perhaps the most worrisome stat: 3pt% - 36.8%. The cowboys have 2 good shooters (Smart and Brown) and one really good one (Forte). Most of us have come to realize that a team which starts hitting from the outside is generally the most efficient way to show Gonzaga the door.

OKST is not going to win any size competitions, they rely on athleticism and guard play. This however does not mean they are not a good defensive team. They are fairly solid through out and do not allow many easy buckets. ( I expect Bell will be on Smart (I know, so does everyone else) Pangos on Brown (listed at 6-3) and Stockton on Forte (listed at 5-11). While Bell has the most difficult assignment, Stockton will be working to fight through screens all game long. When Baylor played OKST, they were able to upset the Cowboys. Part of the game strategy was to limit Forte who had 0 points for the game. Forte's ability to stretch the defense will and does cause a lot of pain if he starts making shots. Forte has been playing well recently so we may see Few go with some other defensive assignments such as Coleman on Forte or Brown.

As always, the Zags will have to play hard on the glass. Offensive rebounds have been worrisome through out the season. OKST is not great on the glass, but providing any opportunity for some easy buckets after a good defensive set really gets to the Zags. Watch the body language. They deflate. Shoulders get rounded and heads are low. Look at the Dayton and Memphis games for examples.That being said OKST sacrifices offensive rebounds in order to get back in transition.

Turnovers are not a true issue for the Cowboys. Gonzaga will have to protect the ball as the athleticism of the guards does force a higher than average turnover ratio. Read as Marcus Smart will steal your lunch money and take your mom out on a nice date with it before you can say, "Well, there is always next year."

Where Gonzaga can feasibly close the gap is bench play and interior play. If GU gets lucky and manages to get the Cowboys in foul trouble, the game dynamics could change quickly provided the Zags make free throws. (Here is looking at you Arizona).

There is a lot more analysis to be done such as travel effects road game efficiency and a myriad of other things so what are your thoughts?

* Wanted to add the Smart/Bell match up will be a real treat to watch. I just hope that Bell continues to attack the basket the way he did during the WCC tournament play. He is finally starting to get the idea that if he is attacking their best player at both ends of the floor the star player does not get a chance to rest until he is off the floor. It used to be that guarding Bell would give the star player a chance to rest in order to be aggressive on the offensive side.

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