The View From ZAG Colored Glasses

As the debates continue to rage on with passion and stubbornness on all things Zags, I challenge my fellow fans to gain a little perspective. I think in life we all view things from certain preconceived lenses, and watching the Zags games is no different.

Here is what I mean. If you view a game through the lens of "Mark Few Sucks", then everything that goes wrong you will be blaming Mark Few (even when a player misses an easy layup, because obviously he has the wrong guy in there). "DS is a terrible player" lens, you only see the things he does wrong rather than right. The "Coleman and Nunez Train" lens, only wants to see more of them and mad when you don't. And this is true about the lenses that are converse of these. Now when you add in a little beer, emotions, and the up and down roller coaster of a game, because of these lenses, we end up seeing exactly what we wanted to see or expected to see not necessarily what really is. Every bad thing is an "I told you so". Every good things is "see I was right". Two people can see the same play or series of plays and totally disagree about what happened and why.

So my challenge to my fellow fans is the same as the challenge I received when by another fan on this site several weeks ago. I challenge you to go back and re-watch games, focus on a few key aspects, and take some notes. Gain another perspective (more of a coaches perspective) by not viewing the game emotionally charged and stressed about whether the Zags are going to win or lose. Look at moments in the game that shifted momentum, and why they happened. Who was really playing well and why. Who was really playing hard and who was lazy on defense. Watch defensive rotations and lackadaisical plays on offense. Was so and so really playing when you thought things turned either bad or good. Become a more educated Zag fan.

Not only does this have the possibility of changing our perspective, but would give us some very pointed facts to support our claims one way or another. Instead of blanket statements of "So and So sucks", or "this person needs less or more playing time", we can state facts in the game, our view of why, even times when it happened. This helps give validity to our statements and knowledge behind our words.

When I did this it confirmed some of the things I saw, but I also realized what I thought I saw, didn't really exist. Some things I was sure I saw, but just wasn't there. I started paying closer attention to the hot buttons on this site and realized it none of the extremes were realistic or true.

For me, when I started paying more attention to all the the things Stockton did (which was what the original conversation was about), I gained a whole new respect for his play. I am not on the "Stockton Train" but have a new respect for how he plays the game and better understanding of his role. I even understand why in the last few games the his minutes have decreased while Coleman's have increased. This is just one of the things I went back and paid closer attention too.

Ultimately, it's easy to watch a game through our Zag colored glasses, and post. But being a fully informed fan takes a little more effort. And when some one posts something erroneous, we can point it out by more than, I think, I feel, or I want. We can be specific.

Now this may be me just being a little OCD, but it is a challenge none the less. So, what Zag colored glasses do you wear when you watch a game?

This post does not reflect the views of the blog authors or SB Nation.

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