A decade of almost-sorta disappointment

I got a text from a friend that asked if I was OK on Sunday morning. I responded with, what is another year in a decade plus of disappointment. That is how I cope with each March Gonzaga loss. Ridiculous, moapy statements so I can try and invite all into hanging out in my chamber of March depression with me.

But then I kind of was wondering, I tend to block out most of the losses - just aware that our Sweet 16 runs are few and far between since the early 2000s, but really how bad has it been? A quick gander shows not that bad.

2013: loss to Wichita State - absolute clunker, no matter how/what way you look at it
2012: loss to No. 2 Ohio State - not a bad one, OSU went onto the Final 4
2011: loss to No. 3 BYU - not bad for an 11 seed facing a Jimmer Fredette who burned everyone
2010: loss to No. 1 Syracuse - did anyone actually think we would win this
2009: loss to No. 1 North Carolina - we made the Sweet 16 this year yay! The Tar Heels also obliterated everyone en route to a title that year
2008: loss to No. 10 Davidson - Stephen Curry, enough said
2007: loss to No. 7 Indiana - we were the No. 10 seed, but this seemed a bit short
2006: loss to No. 2 UCLA - no need to explain here, the worst of the worst for sure
2005: loss to No. 6 Texas Tech - by two points as a No. 3 seed, tough pill to swallow for sure
2004: loss to No. 10 Nevada - absolutely blown out in this one as a No. 2 seed, even tougher pill to swallow

And there you have it. The past decade of losses. The worst of the losses really occurred early on, 2004 - 2006 are a trio of bitter, painful defeats. The Stephen Curry oriented one felt miserable at the time but then Stephen Curry did what Stephen Curry does during the tournament and by the time the dust settled in 2008 I didn't feel too bad. Then the delight of drawing two straight No. 1 seeds, one of them being UNC in one of the most dominating NCAA runs in recent history.

I'm not saying any of this isn't our fault, or failures to make up ground and actually play in March like we do in the regular season. This year's squad threw up two absolute clunkers of games, and even if we had escaped at Wichita State my confidence level for a game against what would eventually be La Salle would be slim to none to bordering on somehow negative. But our decade of disappointment has been the product of about 50 percent actual justified disappointment in results, and 50 percent disappointment being the result of seeding/Stephen Curry.

I still feel like I hate basketball for the time being. And that will stay for a good portion of March. But I don't feel as bad as I did before.

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