The Gonzaga Bulldogs' Christmas wish list

Mark Kolbe

Enjoy the holiday break everyone!

No matter how down you are on the Gonzaga Bulldogs and Mark Few, one thing you have to give the coach and team credit for is the image of camaraderie and cohesion they have built. The Gonzaga Bulldogs are never one players team to win and lose game, but do this as a collective team effort. To be a member of the basketball team, you have to be a member of the team through thick and thin, all the way throughout.

One way the team does this is an annual Christmas gift exchange*. Since there are so many players on the team, Mark Few has the players write out a list of things they want to help keep track for the purchasing**. Don't ask me how I did, but I managed to get a hand on the list***. So as a Christmas present, or a non-religious oriented good tiding, from me to you - here are some of my favorites from each player****.

Gerard Coleman - At least seven more minutes per game from the coach.

Angel Nunez - Diminished expectations from the fanbase on how much I will contribute this year.

Kyle Dranginis - People to stop expecting me to drive it straight to the hoop every time I have the ball or people to stop expecting me to drain every single open shot. Basically, I want people to remember I am human.

Kevin Pangos - Figuring out how to best score an outside shot while playing on the road.

Gary Bell - Someone else also capable of playing perimeter defense.

David Stockton - For my dad to just smile once when he is attending one of my games.

Connor Griffin - A week long basketball skills workshop hosted by my hero Mike Hart.

Rem Bakamus - People to remember me for something other than this.


via The Champaign Room

Luke Meikle - For Mark Few to play me since he wasted my first year of eligibility.

Brian Bhasakar - Didn't even realize I was considered part of the team.

Leo Roese - To meet the Bulldog in person.

Przemek Karnowski - For big Polish hulk hands that grab rebounds and never let go of the ball.

Ryan Edwards - A medical redshirt year.

Kyle Wiltjer - No Kentucky Wildcats national championships.

Sam Dower - Someone taller than 6'7 to step in for me in the post when I head to the bench.

Dustin Triano - Hiring someone to update my LinkedIn profile.

Drew Barham - Make it past the Sweet 16 after winning at least 30 games in two straight years.

Adam Morrison - The past seven years of my life wiped from the annals of history.

Tommy Lloyd - A promotion.

Mark Few - Eyebrows.

*this is not true

** dear NCAA please don't open an investigation this is not true

*** I know no one connected to the program this is not true

****This is true

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