Looking for the Best Games from the Decade of Excellence

Myself and a friend of mine, both Gonzaga alum, were feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to watch a classic Zags game (2005 Maui Invitational triple-OT game against Michigan St.; WOW!). I had never seen it before since I was not around during the Morrison dynasty; I graduated this past May. The game got me even more anxious for the new season and now I just can't wait any longer. In order to quench my thirst for Zags basketball, I decided to go on a quest for the best and most memorable Zags games of the past decade in an effort to watch these games leading up to the new season, but I need everyone's help!. After the jump is the list I came up with, but please feel free to add games you think were the most memorable and why they're special.

1999 - Florida: "The slipper still fits!" How could you not include this one?

2004- OK State: Morrison buzzer beater; Raftery -"Onions!"

2005- Michigan St.: Maui Invitational, definitely worth re-watching

2006- Washington: The last time we played the Huskies in the Kennel and demolished them and one of the top games in the Kennel I wish I could have been at.

2009- Western Kentucky: Goodson's layup at the buzzer and Mendez-Valdez's death from above (7 3PM and it still feels like a lot more) Probably my favorite game I've ever watched on TV. 10 of my still-closest friends sitting in my freshman dorm room watching the game on my crappy 20" TV yelling and jumping around on my bed for joy after Meech made the last shot, sending us to the Sweet Sixteen.

2010- Baylor: One of the biggest road wins for the Zags that season. 12 lead changes in the game and Kelly's huge 3 with a minute to go and clutch free throws down the stretch to give us the W.

2011- WSU: Pangos almost gets Wendy's himself with 9 3PM, tying Dickau's record

2012- St. Mary's at home: I actually went to the Zags/St. Mary's game at the McKeon Pavilion and endured one of the worst experiences of my life. Luckily, I was in attendance at the home game later that season which was probably the most memorable Gonzaga games I have ever witnessed. The Kennel was at the top of its game that night, just deafeningly loud, and the campus was electric after the game. I didn't go to any of the games after that because that game just had to be my last home game in the Kennel as an undergrad.

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