The Real Cost of Spangler's Departure

First of all, and least importantly, Spangler's departure is coming at a time when the sun is shining and casting damn clouds over my good weather. You know what I am talking about right? Those clouds that are pitch black, and instead of being filled with precipitation they are filled with hornets and vinegar. Can hornets survive in a cloud full of vinegar? If that is possible we should be frightened about the possibility of this new super species, I digress...

Let me address you Spangler, could you not have waited until the consistently variable Spokane weather changed from sunny spring to a light snow shower? I get that you are homesick and all, but you are really making me weather sick, and now I might have to go check and see if I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Your education and basketball career aside, I want to enjoy this beautiful sun! Ryan Spangler, you really should think about the consequences of making a perfectly rational decision about important topics such as education and basketball careers.

I think it is time to leave this introduction behind and start thinking about some substantial costs to the departure of one such Ryan Spangler. I want to do a player comparison, so I am going to do a player comparison. Try and stop me from doing a player comparison, you can't.

Player A: eFG% - 56.0 / OR% - 17.6 / DR% - 24.5 / A% - 5.9
Player B: eFG% - 54.6 / OR% - 9.4 / DR% - 24.4 / A% - 9.4
Player C: eFG% - 55.8 / OR% - 7.8 / DR% - 16.0 / A% - 7.1

These stat lines represent Harris, Spangler, and Dower. Spangler is A, Harris is B, and Dower is C. Really they aren't letters of the alphabet but well you get it. Spangler is far and away the best rebounder of the 3 and surprisingly enough, not as bad offensively as many people think, including myself. I mean lets be real can anyone think of a standout offensive play from him this year, you sneaky Spangler, deception is another one of your many tools!

What I am trying, and questionably succeeding, on conveying in this post is that the loss of Spangler is indeed a big deal. I am talking to you, you comments that dared question the value of this player to our team. This trend by the coaching staff is indeed a problem and is starting to affect influential players to our success.

Time to address Few, go take a page out of Boeheim's coaching bible and learn how to keep an entire basketball team happy!

This post does not reflect the views of the blog authors or SB Nation.

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