My Thoughts on Gonzaga's Tournament

As a basketball fan, I realize that my team is going to have nights when their shots just aren't falling. We saw that from Gonzaga down the stretch against Ohio State. While Ohio State was hitting tough shots (I'm thinking especially of Sullinger at one point) Gonzaga was getting good shots that just weren't falling. I think the sign of a great team is that they can win on those nights they don't shoot so well. They can survive against the Santa Clara's of the world with bad shooting (and too many turnovers) but that won't cut it against teams like Ohio State without great performances in other areas of the game.

What really stood out to me was that aside from a very good stretch from Dower in the first half, Gonzaga was really lacking on the offensive boards in this game. Down the stretch in the second half, it seemed like Gonzaga took one shot and Ohio State secured the rebound and took it back the other way. In the second half, Dower was on the bench more often than not and Harris seemed to be missing in action on the offensive boards. I have to give Ohio State some credit though. They are very good.

Gonzaga did play great zone defense in the second half (with Hart and Stockton in the game a bit too long perhaps). But that wasn't enough to get the win. If someone other than Hart had crashed the boards in the second half, we might be looking towards a game next Thursday.

Also, while everyone knew Ohio State would try to get the ball to Sullinger when they needed a basket, Gonzaga didn't really have a go-to guy. While Pangos was hounded by Craft all game long, Bell was able to take over the scoring load for a while, then was pulled to get a rest and never really got it going again.

Here's what I liked about the tournament:

Sacre's defense

Pangos and Bell against West Virginia

Bell against Ohio State

Dower's effort in the first half against Ohio State

Spangler getting some time... That can't hurt for next year.

The Zone against Ohio State.

The swarming defense against West Virginia.

Stockton holding his own.

The extra pass. Unselfish offense.

Here's what I didn't like:

Kilicli's goofy beard

Stockton's "mustache"

Pangos not ever stepping up against Craft

Harris in constant foul trouble and not playing with the same effort he showed at the end of the season and WCC tourney

Reggie Miller - has he really never watched Sacre play before? Early in the West Virginia game he was convinced that Jones should take Sacre outside, because if course as a seven footer, Sacre must have slow feet. He must not have seen Sacre take Dallevedova over and over and over again in the WCC tourney.

Hart getting a bit too much time.

The cheap fouls against Sacre and Harris

Waiting so long to bring Monninghoff off the bench.

I'm looking forward to seeing Gonzaga go farther next year. I think they'll have a great team. I'll pick them to win the championship again in my bracket next year. I've been doing that for as long as I can remember, I'm too stubborn to do otherwise.

What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

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