Are We Havin Fun Yet?

Some time ago I mentioned why SMC was going to be good this year. I was thoroughly bashed and ridiculed. I was respectful, and mindful this is a Gonzaga blog. I still read all of the articles, and rec some from time to time. I thought that now with the season really getting heated up I would try once again to say a few things, all in good sportsmanship though.

1. Like I said before, we have been built to beat Gonzaga. Our team, and recruiting has been molded by recruiting players that can help us finally win the WCC, by beating you!

2. Our 3 point shooters can light it up. We know you are vulnerable to this, although Few has finally decided to address it and it becomes less of an advantage for us.

3. We have brought in and developed some beef to help us with your interior bigs, that are indeed a handful. But, we smoked em in Moraga and Waldo made his grand appearance to your chagrin.

4. We finally have depth that can match yours. No longer an issue or an advantage for you.

5. One of the reasons I was scoffed at was because you thought we would suffer from losing McConnell, and I disagreed. Looks like I was er, on point? Delle has done everything he did, and more. He will win WCC POY, you just watch!

This is an exciting time of year. SMC has one HELL of a team and it is YOU who are chasing us for once. Well, there was last year but I like to forget that.

Please, know your enemie. Take a look at our schedule, who we have played, beaten, and by how much. Look at our record. You must be getting a little nervous? Some of you were hanging on the hope we would falter during what you considered the tough part of our schedule. Didn't happen. If anything, we are getting even better. Waldo has emerged as a force, he is no longer an unknown freshman. Our defense is the best we have ever had. Our team stats tell a story too. Take a peek. How do you match up with us?

I think it is good for the WCC to have competition like this, and the added dimension of BYU is also a good thing. I wish you guys luck on the rest of the season but I think you are in a bit of trouble. You are looking at quite a lot of away games and you have BYU twice, us once, LMU coming in and a Bay Area road trip looming. Can you do it? It looks like an uphill climb for you from here on out, while we are rolling down hill. Our schedule gets real cosy. Sure, you might be able to get one back on us at your place but, will it be enough? I doubt it.

Good luck! Here's to an exciting finish. May the BEST team win!

*I am a zag fan too. But they are second on my list

This post does not reflect the views of the blog authors or SB Nation.

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