Gonzaga Mens Scrimmage, Gaz's Take

Greetings Zag Fans!!~ Just wanted to interrupt everyone's summer for a minute and pass on some tid bits relating to the scrimmages currently taking place at Gonzaga's campus in the McCarthy Athletic Building.

The Zags have been having open scrimmages at the McCarthy Athletic Center after the basketball camps end, which is usually around 9 p.m., and lasting until approx.10 p.m. There are no coaches, refs, timeouts, or fouls called. It is simply a scrimmage. No set plays, no scoring is kept. It is the skins vs the shirts with players rotating in and out as needed for breathers. There are a few days left to go see it if you are so inclined and it is free of charge. Enter South side West of the MAC into the Martin Center, turn right and follow the corridor over to the MAC. There were only about 100 or so people there, mostly campers, you can sit anywhere you like.

Who was there: Everyone except Kelly Olynyk, Mathis Monninghoff, and Guy Landry. Chris Sarbaugh was there but was a DNP. He has a wrap on his knee and is still recuperating from his recent knee surgery.

Oldies Present: Adam Morrison and Abdullah Kuso. It was so good to see Amo again in the MAC. He hit some threes and looked like an NBA player. The best player on the court no doubt. Everything he threw up seemed to fall for him, just like old times, lol.

Vets who stood out: Robert Sacre. He is a freak. He was basically unstoppable. Nice floaters, soft hook shots. He is improved from last year. Looked like a man among boys. It would not surprise me if he wins the W.C.C.POY. Marquise Carter is much more confidant and seems faster than last year, hit some threes, floaters in the lane, took it right to the rim and finished strong several times. Elias Harris looked slimmed down quite a bit from last year. Faster, lots of energy, and hit some nice mid range shots. He missed most of his shots from deep.

Newbies who Stood Out: Gary Bell Junior is very polished already, crisp passing, fast, and sees the court very well, dishes, slashes and takes it strong to the hole, nice mid range jumper, very athletic, nice smooth stroke, he is going to start right out of the gate in my opinion. Ryan Spangler is a work horse. He gave Sam Dower and Kuso fits all night long. A real hustler, lots of rebounds, very strong. After practice he hit 7 threes in a row so he can also hit from deep. How we ever snuck him out of Oklahoma is unreal to me. Kevin Pangos... He looks like David Stockton 2.0 already. I would start him at the point at the beginning of the season. Bigger, stronger, faster, can dish just as well, and a much better looking stroke.

I'll finish up with more regarding Kevin Pangos. He was the last person to leave the building. He was shooting over a bit net contraption that he set up after the scrimmage. He was hitting shot after shot, after shot. A very hard worker, even when he was taking a breather from the scrimmage he was on the side lines practicing dribbling with two balls. We had a chance to visit with him for about 5 minutes. He is a very approachable guy, as a matter of fact he approached us! He said that the people of Spokane are very friendly. He is almost finished with summer school. I asked him if he had any news regarding K.O. and he did not. I asked him if he was going to redshirt...he is not. He said initially he thought about it but he likes the way he is progessing and expects to play. I asked him if he could help influence Anthony Bennett into coming to G.U., he laughed and said the coaches are asking him that too. He said that we are in Bennetts top 5 schools, he hopes to talk him into an official visit and would love for him to come here, but also that Bennett likes all the attention he has been getting and has some pretty big schools recruiting him. Florida, Kentucky. So we will see. We thanked him for his time and left him alone, practicing. Who knows, he may still be there! Really nice guy and I would not be surprised to see him starting at the pg position come fall along side Gary Bell and Marquise Carter sharing time at the two.

It was interesting to see everyone up close and personal, and not in a game situation. If you can make it down it is well worth the time. It leaves me anticipating the new season even that much more.

If any one has any questions feel free to ask and I will try to elaborate as I can.

Now, carry on and back to summer.

Gaz, Out.

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