Tum tum tum tum tum.....TUMS!!?

Saying I am ecstatic about what this team has accomplished this season would be putting it mildly. After all of the pre season hype, and then enduring the season’s disappointments and failures, it turned out much better than we could have hoped. But now that we near the prospect of tackling NCAA Tourney worthy opponents, I am concerned. Not to be a buzz kill but can we really win vs. teams of this quality?

 MikeSequim, a very respected member of this site, put it like this: "I didn’t like the SD State match up and I don’t like how we match up with this team! That being said, if we beat them I like our chances to the elite 8. My tummy says 1 and done…but I can always eat a tums!!"


 Now, nobody wants to hear this but, are we still basking in the euphoria of going from a lost season {when we were 4-5, or in 4th place in the WCC, or 3 games behind St. Mary's} and nobody had us doing anything, to winning the WCC Title, WCC Tourney, and getting into the Big Dance? Perhaps.


These are tremendous acomplishments given the lows we dug ourselves out of, and we can say we are rolling right now and peaking…but are we really? Our 9 game winning streak is merely against WCC teams. We got beat by Memphis at home. They are not an NCAA Tourney Team. Neither is St. Mary’s. So what brings us to believe we can do anything in the dance?


Is it because our point guard problem is solved…how so? We all new this was going to be our achilles heel this year, and it was, until somehow magically, Coach Few discovered that Marquise Carter could actually play the point and that David Stockton could contribute in spectacular ways, and that Sam Dower now was capable of being an all WCC type of player. I don’t know how this seemed to come about so suddenly, or what exactly has changed.


In a reponse to a comment post of mine regarding this sudden emergence of Quise, Slipper member I_am_a_zag says the following:  " Carter was still adjusting to DI hoops and to our system at the beginning of the season. Few gave him the minutes early on but he did not capitalize. Those minutes did give him experience though and now he is comfortable and confident in our offense and it clearly shows. Will be interesting to see how he plays against more athletic (non-WCC) guards." Fair enough, but I have my doubts about how this 9 game winning streak over WCC teams and this roll we are suddenly on with Quise at the helm will translate in the NCAA Tourney.


St. John’s is a hell of a team with a who’s who of resume wins to their credit. They beat Georgetown, Notre Dame, Uconn, Duke, and Pitt! Yes, their big man Kennedy is injured and this unfortunate development is supposed to help us move into the next round. But I remember last year when Syracuse had a major player injury and we should all remember how that turned out.


Are we really good enough to beat NCAA Tourney teams? Or are we in over our heads? I certainly hope my concerns are unfounded. We will all find out what’s what this Thursday, but in the mean time…..Hey Mike? Please keep those Tum’s at the ready!

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