Drunk on the Zag cool-aid

This is the year.  We have finally been positioned in a weak bracket with a clear run to the championship game.  All we have to do is handle an 11 loss injured St. John's team.  They got handled easily by St. Mary's.  And come on, they lost to St. Bonaventure at home?  Are you shitting me?  We are going to dominate the paint, dominate the boards, and kill it from 3.

  Then we face a very soft Byu team without their best big man, that we are going to destroy in the paint. Mike Hart is going to get the start over Steven and is going to be guarding Fredette the whole entire game, and Elias and Sacre are going to dunk all over Collinsworth and Hartsock, ever seen those guys try to jump?or even run and chew gum at the same time?

Then we get to face an over-seeded Florida team a team that can go hot and cold, a team that has been bounced in the 1st round  many times and has spent some of the past years in the Nit,  there guards are 5'7 and 6'1, pretty sad when David Stockton posts up against you.

then we get to face the perennial overrated Pittsburgh team. Pittsburgh is the classic big east choke job.  They haven't even made a trip to the final 4 since 1941.  And it seems like they get a 1 seed every year, (overrated, overrated).  Pittsburgh is almost as offensively challenged as the Torreros.

And then we get to face Notre Dame in the final four or Kansas.  Are you shitting me?  We were 17 down on the road to Notre Dame and we came within a shot of sending that game into overtime.  They basically play St. Mary's basketball. Non-Athletic and living and dying by the three. 

And Kansas?  come on they got destroyed by Kansas St, and barely managed to beat Nebraska.  They haven't even played any difficult road games all season.  And last season after they were an overwhelming favorite to win the tournament they managed to fall asleep and lose to Norther Iowa?  Are you shitting me?  I'll take Sam Rob and Elias over the Morris twins any day of the week.

And in the championship game we get to face whoever manages to stumple out of those regions.    Ohio St or Duke.  Jared Sullinger?  Are you shitting me?  He is basically Big Baby Davis.  And Diebler?  Come on I've seen guys with more Athleticism playing for CSU Bakersfield. 

And Duke?  Come on, they don't even have Kyrie Irving, and Seth Curry?  That guy isn't even half as good as his brother.  Singler is an overrated player who is at his best when he doesnt try to score (that says a lot about his talent).  Do they even have anyone athletic enough to guard Elias?

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