Read this, Dammit.

Dear everyone in The Slipper Still Fits Community,

This fan post will probably make me come off as a huge jerk and I intend to break several points of online/blog etiquette, so before I begin I want to sincerely thank Zach and Max for all the content that they've provided since TSSF came into existence some time ago.  This post is not in any way aimed at critiquing them and their work.  It is critiquing you.  Yes, you.  I have a problem with you and want you to know about it...

SB Nation, the network of Sports blogs that hosts this site, is not really a "blog" in the true sense.  It is much more of an online community.  Zach and Max might run the thing, but through the features of SBN offers, nobodies like you and I have a unique opportunity and - dare I say - responsibility to make the community better.  

I promised to break some online etiquette, and the first one I plan to break is to draw your attention another SBN community, one that is considered by many to be the best on the entire SBN network.  The Seattle Mariners might have a crappy baseball team, but Lookout Landing is a phenomenal site for many reasons.  Even non-mariner fans love it and read it every single day.  

There are two of many reasons why this is so.  The first is that the community is funny.  If you need proof, go ahead and look at this wonderful example of a FanPost.  You're laughing right now, aren't you?  The second is that they (meaning the entire community) are smart and use statistics really well to make their points.

Which brings me to the point of my post.  Your FanPosts all suck a lot and I don't care what you think about this Gonzaga team.  I'm an adult and I've been following the Zags for a while and can form my own opinions.  I'm smart enough notice that our current point guards aren't as good as Dan Dickau.  I'm also smart enough to notice that some players who appear to be "good" don't seem to play as much as players who appear to be "bad."  What I'm not always smart enough or able to do with limited time is to look at statistics and figure out what is really going on.  Statistics are evolving in sports right now, and although basketball is much more difficult to analyze statistically than baseball doesn't mean we can't discover some new reasons to dislike this years team that some of us haven't thought of.

So before you write a fanpost as yourself a couple of questions.  1) Is this funny? and 2) Does anybody really give a shit what I think?  If you answer no to both of those, then don't post it as a Fanpost.  Comment all you want on game threads and other posts, but don't dedicate an entire FanPost to it.

Which brings me to point number two.  Our game threads aren't what they could be, because they rarely use all of the resources that SBN has given us.  If you'd like to see a gamethread that does use all of its resources, please go here and then here, if you're over 18.  You'll notice that some of the comments are green.  This is because at least 5 people "recommended" the comment because it was 1) funny or 2) provided some sort of insight that somebody couldn't come up with on their own just by watching.  You can do that in game threads as well, although I realize that opportunities don't come around a lot.  You can also post pictures, so if some of you are skilled at photoshop you can upload pictures directly into the game threads that some of us will oooh and aaaah over and "rec" because of your skillz.  Try it out, sometime.  

Furthermore, (and I thought this was obvious, but here we are) use the reply feature in the game threads!!! Hitting "reply" when you respond to a specific comment helps organize the thread so we can have a coherent discussion about the game.  A lot of you do this, and everyone screws up this one from time to time, but if you do just point out "reply fail," or something like that so we know that you were trying to respond to somebody.

One more thing, and I think that perhaps Max and Zach will be the best to consider this recommendation.  Lookout Landing (last LL reference, I swear) has a very close community.  There are inside jokes and memes going on all over the place.  I think it would benefit this community to try and develop things like this through the use of OffTopic threads.  One idea might be "Movies" because the Academy Awards are coming up and some of us that consider ourselves movie buffs might like that.  This also might help up our traffic on non-game days, because people will feel like stopping by to hang out.  If you need help with these, I might be willing to help out but I'm pretty sure that most of these people will hate me after reading this.

In review:

  • No fanposts that aren't funny or interesting.
  • Use the rec feature in game threads.
  • Post pictures and .gifs in game threads.
  • Don't use caps unless its really important.
  • Off Topic threads to try and build up the community???

This post does not reflect the views of the blog authors or SB Nation.

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