Welcome to the Newest SB Nation Blog Covering the Gonzaga Bulldogs!

Well, after many, many months of being The Kennel Report, we have been picked up by SB Nation, a leading sports blog site.

It feels like we are breaking ground.  Not only are we dedicated to basketball but we don't even have a football team!  Yes, there have been talks about getting football at Gonzaga but judging by the history of football in the state of Washington...what is the point?  We'll stick with basketball and do it right!

Myself (formerly ZagBell on the old site) and EverydayeZag (formerly maximumzag) are extremely excited about this switch and it is an honor to join such an outstanding team here at SB Nation.  We will continue to dedicate ourselves to covering every inch of Gonzaga athletics as we have done in the past. 

For all of our 'grassroots' fans from the old blogspot site, we'd like to say thank you for helping us get here.  We also say welcome to all the new friends that we look forward to having now that we have arrived here at SB. 

Please, take a minute to poke around the new digs.  There are a number of cool features around here that should make The Slipper Still Fits your #1 source for Gonzaga news.  Here are a couple things that we urge all of our readers to do immediately.

  • First of all, Sign Up for an SB Nation account and join our blog!  It's quick, easy and FREE!  That way you can comment and leave fan posts and fan shots!
  • Browse the SB Nation blogroll.  I know many of our fans are Washington based and their are blogs covering basically every major sports team in the state, including FieldGulls for the Seahawks, Lookout Landing for the Mariners, CougCenter for Washington State, and UWDawgPound for Washington.  Each one of these sites is oustanding as are the rest of the blogs here at SB.
  • Get Involved!  the FanPosts and FanShots are much like message boards in which all the readers can get involved and post stories or theories about Gonzaga.  It really is a great tool to get the pulse of the fan base.
  • We'll be having live game threads as well.  SB Nation makes these threads easy with live updating comments meaning that you have no need to refresh because the system does it for you.  This should be an oustanding way to get everyone involved and keep the discussion rolling!

Once again, thanks for the support and continue to stop by and hang out with us.  We hope you guys enjoy what we do here and please let us know of any ideas you have to make our site better.  Thanks and as always, Go ZAGS!

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